Women are fundamentally different than men. Their minds work differently, and they generally have a more developed ability to relate to people on an emotional level. This means that they are better nurturers. They lack some of the strengths of men, but they are well compensated by strengths of their own.

Women are almost always better at multitasking than men. When a woman has more than one child, there is almost always part of her mind that is aware of where each of the children are, or ought to be. No matter how busy she gets, if the kids have been silent too long, her alert comes on, and she knows to go find out what kind of trouble they got into!

She can move around the kitchen easily watching five things at once, even if one of them happens to be an 18 month old who is bent on emptying every cupboard they can reach. If she has more than 2 or 3 kids, she is in the constant habit of counting whenever she takes the kids anywhere.

Those strengths make her uniquely suited to caring for busy little people and still getting other things done. But it also may make it extremely difficult for her emotionally if she is required to work a job outside the home. Part of her mind may still be tuned in throughout the day to the status of the kids. That is in no way a condemnation of the working ability of women, it is just one way in which their mind is different. It proves a huge strength in many ways, and a challenge in others.

Forming a strong bond with their mother is a critical occurrence in the development of a child. Such a bond contributes to the success and well-being of a child across the spectrum, and they develop more successfully socially, emotionally, academically, and physically. They have a better ability to form and nurture relationships, and they have better self-esteem, and fewer severe behavioral issues.

The importance of a loving mother in the life of a child cannot be exaggerated. It is still the most important job in the world, and one of the most fulfilling.