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Recently there was a great article on about parenting skills. It was an interesting point of view about the fact that in previous generations when the extended family lived in closer proximity and the basics of how to parent children was learned from relatives. There was an older generation of people who could provide insight and advice on all aspects of having and raising children. Even though some of that advice might occasionally steer a new parent in the wrong direction, there was at least input from people with real life experience. Now, many families live at great distances from grandparents and aunts and uncles so new parents have to find other sources of information.

There are mom’s groups and nursery school groups where parents can get together and discuss their parenting issues.

A new crop of dozens of parenting books are now available as well as resources on the internet. One such resource regarding parenting classes online goes into detail about what is available on the internet. Parents can find parenting class for young children, school age children and teenagers. These classes are self-paced and include a free parenting book.

The parenting style taught in these classes helps with understanding how to discipline a child without punishment. Another aspect of parenting that is difficult for today’s parents is how to set appropriate boundaries and limits that allow children to grow and develop individually.

There are many households where both parents work and this can cause parents to give in to unreasonable demands from their children because they feel guilty being a work all day and not spending enough quality time with their children. These parents can benefit from learning more effective parenting skills to help them deal more effectively with working and parenting.

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