Homemaking has got a bad rap in the last 10 to 20 years. As though one must be less intelligent, or less creative to choose to be a full time wife and mother without a career on the side. To the contrary, being a contented homemaker in this day and age requires higher intelligence, more creativity, and the ability to think for oneself rather than just going along with what everyone else says.

It is increasingly hard in our economy to keep Mom in the home. It doesn't happen in many homes unless both parents make a concentrated effort to be frugal, and many times Mom still has to do some kind of income generation along with raising her children. Keeping her there has been proven in study after study to benefit the rising generations.

When it does happen, it means choosing to put aside your own aspirations for a time, for the good of another human being. If it can be managed, it is very much worth it to stay in the home with the kids rather than pursuing a job outside the home.

Even if a mom does work outside the home, she is still very often the primary homemaker. She still has to keep up with the kids and the house. Choosing to consider these tasks as worthwhile can help her self-esteem in countless ways. And they truly are worthwhile.

There are many ways to be a successful homemaker. How you do the housework is not as important as getting it done. How you nurture and show love is not the issue, doing it is. The ways you strengthen your marriage and express caring to your spouse are not the hingepoint, whether you do it or not, is. And being a homemaker is less about tasks than it is about love and good humor!

I have been a stay at home mom for over 20 years, and I have never considered that staying home meant I had to be stupid. I have studied history, science, medicine, child development, home improvement, needlework, painting, origami, computer science, programming, web building, business management, frugality, financial management, psychology, religion, writing, graphic design, and a host of other subjects during the course of caring for my home and family. I have not in any way been an exemplary homemaker! But our home functioned, and I learned and grew along with my children. It has not been a limiting environment, I have received a high degree of education while raising my children, and developed a great deal of proficiency in a wide range of disciplines. Even half an hour a day spent in learning new skills can widen the world of a mother who feels trapped or confined.