The Blessings of Family

People always say that when you get old you'll be glad you had kids, but frankly, that statement is not entirely accurate. There are people who are older and have no kids who are surrounded by people whom they love and who love them. There are people who have many kids, and they die old and alone because their kids are not there when they need them. So when I think about the blessings of family, I am not at all thinking about having to wait until I am old to see if there will be any or not!

I love that my kids challenge me to be my best. I have learned more being a mother than through any other endeavor.

When they get a little older, they still need me, and they love me in spite of the fact that I am not perfect. A child that hurls themselves across the room just to give me a hug is a great blessing. To be able to watch them learn, and grow, and to be able to teach them the things they need to know is wonderful.

I love being able to answer their questions as they get older. To see them grasp a concept, either intellectual or moral, is so cool. And I am still the most important person in the world to them, along with their father.

During the teen years, they become more defiant, but they also begin to blossom into someone completely unexpected, and utterly delightful in many ways. I love seeing the person they are becoming. And I have the chance to help them learn how to make right some of the first major mistakes they make. They have so much independence, but they still come back to me for help when they are in too deep.

Once they are out on their own, our relationship changes. It goes from parent-child, to friendship. There may be some rocky spots, but it does come, and it is very rewarding.

My family has the power to cause me the most hurt. But they are also the source of my greatest joys. They have taught me more that I thought there was to learn. My life would lack much of its meaning without my husband and children.