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Archive for December, 2007

Having trouble finding books you want to read to your children? Check out this web site. Started by parents who wanted to promote books which support and expand children’s understanding of their life experiences in positive, affirming, and educational ways.

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EarthTimes has an interesting article about purchasing toys for kids this season. Instead of listening to the toy requests from young children that have been prompted by TV, select toys that compliment your child’s age, interests and developmental stage. Just because a child wants a particular toy does not mean she knows enough to select […]

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Recently, some British friends were visiting their grandchildren in the U.S. They returned saying they had a wonderful time but noticed that their two granddaughters had so many scheduled activities that they had trouble when they were not going to some planned activity. The idea of free time to just “be” was foreign to them. […]

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Parenting is a tough job but full of rewards and satisfaction if you have have a parenting style that works. Children today need guidance not punishment, boundaries¬† not unlimited freedom and parents who have the strength to be parents not friends to their children. Educate yourself in parenting strategies that can make your discipline effective […]

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