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Archive for November, 2007

Many parents still believe in spanking. But what does it teach children? It teaches them to be afraid, that violence is an acceptable response, and does not train children to use their intellect to resolve problems. Spanking only comes from frustrated parents who have run out of resources to help them handle problematic situations. Parenting […]

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Parenting Guilt

Be careful if you give into your children or give them special attention because you feel guilty about some area of their life is lacking. If parents are going through a tough period, like a divorce or some other situation that the parent feels responsible for, making special allowances for their children that communicate that […]

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There is a new product on the market. Parents can buy a jacket for $500 that has a GPS unit sewed into the lining and pay $20 a month for a subscription to be able to locate the jacket. In this new culture of fear, products are being marketed which in effect take the place […]

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There was a recent article from the Associated Press with statistics that parents areĀ  putting more time into being parents and child rearing activities today than they didĀ  10 years ago. What good news! More limits on TV viewing and more time spent reading to children and encouraging more academic extra-curricular activities.

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